Hypoxia - Cabin Altitude Alarm

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Hypoxia - Cabin Altitude Alarm

Post by paulsherry » Thu 23. Oct 2014, 12:19

The recent loss of the TBM900 in the Caribbean has raised the profile of slow onset hypoxia. I have recently returned from the MMOPA forum and there was a whole education session on hypoxia - run by a consultant neurologist who has a research interest in brain function at reducing O2 saturation.

At the convention we were all given a portable pulse oximeter. These are useful but can't actively alert the pilot to a problem.

Have a look at http://www.aviationtechnologyinc.com. This is a device which markets at just under $400 and which has both a visual and audible alarm if the cabin alt goes above 12,500ft for 30 mins and at all above 15,000 ft. The alarm is pretty intense and should be heard even over noise cancelling headsets.

More information at http://www.aviationtechnologyinc.com/documents/

I contacted other PA46 owners in the UK and I imported 5 of them. With EU tax paid and shipping they come in delivered to me at £320 each (approx €375). To that I will have to add postage to anywhere else in Europe

I have sold all the ones I have to owners in the UK, but am happy to order some more as a batch which saves a lot on the shipping. Or you could order directly from California.

Email me at paul.sherry@me.com if you are interested.


Paul Sherry
Jetprop N921GG
Liverpool UK

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