January Offer on Malibu Aerospace LED Taxi Lights

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January Offer on Malibu Aerospace LED Taxi Lights

Post by paulsherry » Fri 9. Jan 2015, 16:51

Chad Menne of Malibu Aerospace has, for the month of January, made a special offer for his STC'd wingtip taxi lights. Details of the lights can be viewed here - http://www.malibuaerospace.com/sitepages/pid73.php.

Normally these are well over $2000 per set but for the month of January they are available for $1600 for the pair.

The feedback from many US based PA46 owners is that these lights are a huge improvement on the standard Piper fit, and also substantially better than the Lopresti Boom Beam HID taxi lights. We have Boom Beams in our aircraft. The landing light is good but to be honest I think there is room for significant improvement for the taxi lights. Hence we have ordered a set of the Malibu Aerospace LED lights.

Contact Brad Ludlow if you are interested - bludlow@malibuaerospace.com.

This offer is for orders placed in the month of January 2015.


Paul Sherry
Jetprop N921GG
Liverpool, UK
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