Pampered JETPROP for sale

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Pampered JETPROP for sale

Post by klaustepper » Sun 11. Dec 2016, 09:23

Dear captain and MMIG46 member,

I just took a terrible decision and have decided to sell my beloved (and always hangared) Jetprop DLX, after 6 years of bliss at FL270.
It is over-equipped, incredibly well maintained by the likes of Malibu Aerospace, Kevin Mead or Sun Aviation, and has a little less than 2,800 hours overall, with about 2,100 hours on the PTA34 turbine.
Prop was overhauled, hot section inspection was done a few years back and I have spent over 100.000 dollars in 2015 and 2016 in improvements and maintenance at Malibu Aerospace, where I flew the plane to from Europe.

The avionics is G500, GNS 530waas/GNS 430waas, AP is KFC 150, paint and interior are not 2 years old, AC and the Rocket Aviation heat exchanger by-pass are new. There’s even a ferry-tank installation designed by John Mariani. Plus many other goodies, like Amsafe Airbag seatbelts for pilot and co-pilot, as well as centrally distributed oxygen and Bose power outlets at each seat, or the newest version of the AOA!

If you, or someone you know, is interested, you can send me an email (, give me a call (+33 630 23 24 25), or better still, speak to our friend and board member Dave Bennett ( tel: 719- 338 90 93) who knows more about the Jetprops than almost anyone, and who flew this plane with me from Minneapolis to Switzerland. So he has a very precise and experience-based opinion on N43CH.

I am attaching a couple of pictures (Greenland is not the usual base, but Geneva; and the panoramic view of the avionics might have been a little shaky!). Should you wish more information, I have a very detailed spreadsheet of all the equipment and options. Just ask.

Apologies if I wasted your time and added unwanted weight to your mailbox.

Oh, one word before I go: I’m selling the plane because my life has changed. I travel 6 times a year to the US to see my children and 5 grand-daughters, at least twice a year to China (including a 6 weeks stay), and mostly in Europe to cities like Lisbon, Amsterdam or London, where handling charges alone are more expensive than a round-trip ticket on a commercial flight.
I’ll probably switch my travel plane (JP DLX), for a fun mountain one like a Husky. I would even consider a partial trade for such a plane.

Kind regards,

Elie Vannier
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